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Artist Pablo Salom
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I was born and raised in Uruguay and since I can remember I always had a passion for drawing. I studied graphic advertising, but it felt more like a heartless business. Years passed, and I still have that passion and art has become a massive help with many aspects of my life. Now I have the chance to work and learn at the same time while enjoying every second of the process.  

My Medium
cara _wa -1.jpg


I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, ink, color pencils and charcoal. I believe that working in a single medium could be restrictive to my artistic process.

Each idea manifests in its own style.

My Inspiration
Just getting ready!! A lot to do but soo


I enjoy family, friends, and life with its ups and downs, and they influence many of my pieces. They fill me up and give me the inspiration that helps me create my art.

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